Phone System Features
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VOIP Phone Service & Your Business

Digital Phone ServiceIt works anywhere
Plug your digital phone into any high speed internet connection and it will automatically connect to our servers – making it easy to make and receive calls remotely, but still appear as if your calling from your office. We utilize special technology so that our phones work behind most corporate network firewalls.

Analog to DigitalAnalog to Digital
Even if you are on a phone call with someone using an analog telephone, DigiTalk phones will automatically convert their signal to digital. When making ‘internal’ calls to other phones in your company, you should see a remarkable improvement in call quality.


Multiple Offices:
This is where our phone system shines. DigiTalk makes inter-office communication fast and easy with internal extensions and call transferring. Whether your offices are in separate buildings or in separate time zones, you can keep them connected.

fax to emailFaxes
Faxes sent to your ‘fax number’ can be converted to an Adobe PDF document and emailed to you, or even your entire department. To send a fax, simply save it as an Adobe PDF file and email it to our Fax Server. This makes faxing multiple pages a breeze! Best of all? No more standing around the fax machine waiting to see if you get an error.

voicemail to emailVoicemail
Voicemails will be converted to a standard audio file and then emailed to you, or a whole department, for fast and easy access and sharing.

Automated AttendantAutomated Attendant
You have the option of guiding telephone users via an ‘Automated Attendant’. Seamlessly connect multiple offices with one or more digital assistants. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Billing, Etc


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